Employee Engagement

The new face of employee engagement in india
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Employee Engagement

No two organizations are the same. Each organization has its own special DNA and unlocking the code is what makes good employee engagement and internal communication such a dynamic solution rather than a packaged one


Identifying The Right Pieces

Identifying all the pieces that are needed, fitting them together and seeing the complete picture. That’s what we do at d’frens.

The Result – transforming your organization and allowing every employee to see that it is truly the best place to be

The Engaged Employee

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Roadmap For Creating a Truly Great Place To Work

A Sample Workflow
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Get to know the audience
Connect with the group through surveys, discussions and forums

Know that each target group is different
-There is no “one size fits all”

Design content specific to the audience
This is what we do best

Deliver at All Locations
Take the plan to all your locations at the same time