Connecting with Purpose, Culture and values

The Customer is an MNC with over 150,000 employees providing IT and ITES services.

The Challenge

The company was growing faster and so was its hiring. They were hiring people fresh off the campus and also from other organizations. The organization was losing control of its culture as it was facing a huge challenge in deeply communicating their core values and culture to the new employees. Rapid hiring also meant that wrong set of values were being communicated by the inexperienced managers.

The Discovery

d’frens worked with the key stake holders and designed and executed a communication experience campaign that used multiple media to spread the message to employees.

The Solution and Implementation

d’frens always believed that values and culture cannot be communicated within four walls and that too with slideware. We created a campaign based on storytelling and experiential facets. In this campaign, the employee brand ambassadors (identified by the client) spoke about their personal value experience along with a custom created interactive theatre performance. In addition, we have executed:

Floor walks – A 10 minute on-floor activity with a debrief about values and culture was conducted on each floor and at all locations.

Theatre act – We conducted short theater acts on-floors and involved the employees spontaneously into the play and communicated the value through this.

Online games – The gamification experience through online treasure hunt was created with the aim to make the communication more effective and wide. The clues and tasks were the values of the company.

The Result

The feedback from the employees was a constant 90% positive on the effectiveness of the campaign. Consequently, the employee survey results showed a positive trend in employee’s understanding of the organization culture and values.

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