Enabled the employees see the big picture, together.

The customer is the R&D division of a large multi-national corporation delivering game changing innovative IT products.

The Challenge

This R&D division was engineering next-generation products and making a huge impact to the parent company. However, the rest of the organization is oblivious to the contributions made by the R&D team. Added to this, many members of the R&D team were not aware of the technology roadmap and the division’s grand vision and plan. This has resulted in low motivation levels and challenges in hiring and retaining talented employees.

The Discovery

d’frens was engaged to improve the motivation levels and help the R&D team to connect back with the big picture. We did a quick assessment and identified that:

  • Teams were working in silos and often confined to their own group/project
  • The spirit of togetherness and common mission was low
  • The team was unaware of the success stories delivered by the R&D group

The team had over 2800 engineers aged between 28-45.

The Solution and Implementation

The first thing we wanted was a common employee value proposition or a theme to get the entire team on the same page. “We Change the Game” was that war cry.

The organization, in the next two months, saw a series of events that left no stone unturned in telling the great story of the R&D team. Key activities included, all hands meetings, desktop giveaways, ambient branding and EDMs – All telling stories of people in the R&D team.

We went a step ahead and conducted several team building activities to break the walls and build cross team collaboration. Drum Circle was a huge hit where the teams enjoyed and understood the need for collaboration.

There was one more thing left for us – help the team see the big picture. We conducted the Big Picture event where 1000+ employees actively participated in building a giant hand painted artwork – one piece at a time. Each employee was focusing on their part and when we displayed the final product at the prime area of the campus, the big picture was clear. The R&D team not just experienced the power of collaboration, but also created something that wasn’t ever done in that organization. The rest of the organization applauded and appreciated the R&D team to no end.

The Result

The customer was very excited that the entire program brought in a significant change in the employees. They displayed a closer bond with each other, expressed belongingness to the company and its big picture. The employees experienced immense energy and great things they can deliver as a team.

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